Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why do we need MONEY support

I know people might be asking if your asking for help why are you adopting?  The answer to that is we have the day to day living expenses but the out of pocket up front is the hard part.  We just bought our house with our savings so that we COULD adopt.  We went from a 2/1 house to a 3/2.  Now we have the room to be able to take a sibling group.  We feel in our heart that we really would love to have a sibling group that can stay together in a loving home.

To hear about siblings being torn apart just breaks my heart because they cant find a home that can keep the group together.  Isaac and I will be doing everything in our power to keep a sibling group of 2-4 together. 

K is excited to have brothers and sisters to play with and to share his room with.  He tells us all the time that his rooms boring.  We ask why and he says because he's in there all alone.  No one to talk to while he's going to bed.  Just today he told me that there are some kids without a mom to cook them breakfast (I was making him breakfast).  That just broke my heart knowing that there are little's out there just waiting to have a FOREVER family.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We are raising funds for adoption

We are going to be working with HOPE FOR FAMILIES right here in Florida.  This is a private interstate adoption.  The reason we are going this route vs through the foster care system is the kids we will see have already TPR.  Most of the kids that we will look at WONT be from our state.  We feel this is the best for us and our child/ren to lower the chance of them to come into contact from someone from their past.

The fee for this adoption is for our home study, paperwork (lots of paperwork), contacting the social worker/s of the children we are considering.  Once a Child/siblings are a fit match they work out the details of our travel to meet the child/siblings.

The Program cost is $9000 no matter if it's from 1 child or a sibling group. The cost stays the same
Addition cost for us will be for finger printing and State and FBI clearance
Training which will run $300-500 depending on method we choice to take.  The classes will take about 10 wks to complete.

This will NOT make us foster parents or foster adopt parents just Adopting parents.  With our son in mind we feel that this is our best option for the time being.

If you feel lead to donate towards our adoption fees please do.  Nothing is too small.  Just think if we got 9,000 people just to donate a $1.00 would pay for the adoption and let a child or sibling group find their forever home.

Please go to GO FUND ME!

Thank you,
Pattie, Isaac and K

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Update 5/21/13 and personal statment

I talked to the Agency today about the interstate adoption program.  We are scheduled to have a phone conference this Friday.

At that time they will just answer questions that we have and talk more in depth of how the program works.  More about the fee break down!  We are going interstate as we feel a little bit better knowing these children are already up for adoption the parents have already signed over their child/ren or a judge has taken them from their parents.   We would love to adopt a sibling group so we can keep a family together as much a possible.

The total cost of this program is $8,500 for their services to help match us with kids that would fit into our home.  They do all the paper work, calling the social worker or set children who we are interested in.  This allows us to look at all the kids in the USA and not just children here in our state.  Which as I have heard from a ton of places is that the social workers here in our state LOVE their job so in stead of finding homes for the kids they move the kids around in the system.  Sad for the kiddos as it just takes much longer for kids here to find their forever family.

We wanted to go international and still might if we can but as of right now we cant because I have anxiety.  Nope just get worked up about the unknown medically when anyone in my family gets hurt/sick.  Yeah nothing that last more than a short amount of time as I calm myself down.  I am on medicine for it as it helps me sleep at night.  Ok you see I used to wake up 4-5 times at night to check on my son to make sure he was still breathing so it messed with my sleeping.  My dr felt it would be better for me to be on something low dosage so I could be well rested and not worry so much.  How this came about it nearly losing my 2 wk baby to GERDS/breath holding/weak trachea. We spent the first 6 months of his life in and out of the children's hospital (picu and normal floor) he stopped breathing at home or in the AID unit a total of over 20 times with 6 of those needed CPR and coding while in the hospital one time which needed Asst. that put him on a vent as he struggled to breath. He was on a vent for a while with a picc line directly to his heart. He ended up having surgery for the Gerds at 2 months old which helped a bit. That was our longest stay from November 2nd - through December 23.  At 5 months he had his last episode which resulted in a weeks hospital stay Dec 28-Jan 4th.  We almost never looked back at that point until his vent into his stomach (for burping) broke at 8 months old.  After hours and me consulting with his pediatrician and the Dr that was caring for K that I felt he could go without the button.  After 6 hours with a hungry baby the button was removed and we were on our way home.  K was still on machines at home for breathing so I could breath a little easier, the anxiety started when the machines for gone.  So this drama early on made me worry a little more than I should.  Now that I am on anxiety medicine I sleep better and I feel more relaxed.  Now my anxiety is over the weight gain the medicine has caused but its that or the worry something is going to happen to my child all the time.  I pick the weight, just so I can be the best mom I can be and give son my all instead of being tired all the time.
To be honest I don't think any parent would be the same after going through an event like we did.  It changes you in ways you never knew it could until you go through it.  I would never change a thing as my son is here with me and happy and healthy.  Love that little guy

Sunday, September 4, 2011

About us

A little about us

Isaac and I (Pattie) met back in 2001 at a holiday dinner.  Just friends for the lngest time with others on our sides.  In 2003 both of us found comfort in each others ears for the support needed for Isaac was going through a divorce.  In August Isaac and I decied to go out on our first date to the movies with a tag along friend.  After a few months I was having doubts as he was going through a divorce and it wasn't looking glamours and he was coming with extra baggage I wasn't sure that I could handle.  I found myself in church and hearing the message loud and clear that I needed to stick with him through this.  After 6 months of courtship he gave me a promise ring as he wanted me to know that he was serious of wanting to marry me but I wouldn't even think of engagment until we have dated for at least a year.  Durning that time we had a miricle happen and our little man was on his way due in Oct 2004.

Fast fwd Aug 16th 2004 we we're engaged on the top of the space needle.
Aug 31st 12:10 AM our little man came into this world at 5lbs 13oz, 18 3/4" and our life was forever changed for the best.  We had some scary events of many rounds of Infant CPR was given through out the first 3 months of his life.  The end was near Januarary 7th when we walked out of the hospital for the very last time holding our perfectly healthy little boy.  He had a rough start but GOD gave him to us as he knew his path and how to keep him on his life path.

Feb 2005 after lots of fighting on the parenting plan and divorce proceeding things we're finial.

in June 2005 we made the choice to follow what we we're being told to do and we packed up as much as we could and moved to FLORIDA.  Moving here has been the best thing for our small family who took a pay cut to move here but put hubs in a much better position 4 months later and has allowed me to be a stay at home homeschooling mom to our wonderful son.  We have now been here 6 years and things have had their moments but one thing forsure our family has only built a very strong wall to build on.  The family unit for us is what we live for after GOD.  Our family is strong in our faith, love doing things together as a family.  We love our pets, we have 3 resuced cats 2 dogs (1 lab mix and 1 cocker spanial puppy). 

Top 10 things we like to do as a family
1. Disney
2. Water parks
3. Mini vacations (weekend trips)
4. BBQing in the back yard
5. Playing in the backyard
6. Going to the beach
7. Going to parks
8. Annual Fall campout
10.Playing the Wii